Cheatsheet to the Planets

Reviewing the connections the planets have to us, astrology and the great heavens above us.

The Sun

Rules: Leo

Represents: Ego, Basic Personality, Consciousness, Vitality and Stamina

The Moon

Rules: Cancer

Represents: Unconsciousness, Emotions, Instincts, Habits and Moods


Rules: Gemini, Virgo

Represents: Mind, Communication, Intellect, Reasoning, Language and Intelligence


Rules: Taurus, Libra

Represents: Attraction, Love, Relationship, Art, Beauty and Harmony


Rules: Aries

Represents: Aggression, Sex, Action, Desire, Competition, Courage and Passion


Rules: Sagittarius

Represents: Luck, Growth, Expansion, Optimism, Abundance and Understanding


Rules: Capricorn

Represents: Structure, Law, Restriction, Discipline, Responsibility, Obligation and Ambition


Rules: Aquarius

Represents: Eccentricity, Unpredictable Changes, Rebellion and Reformation


Rules: Pisces

Represents: Dreams, Intuition, Mysticism, Imagination and Delusions

Pluto (YES it’s still a planet)

Rules: Scorpio

Represents: Transformation, Power, Death, Rebirth and Evolution

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