Kitchen Witchery

A Kitchen Witch may use ritual in his or her magical working, but Kitchen Witchery often involves the use of environmental energies, such as those from essential oils, herbs, foods and everyday objects. Maybe as a child you watched your grandmother cook in the kitchen, and she seemed to make magic every time she prepared a meal. Maybe you’re the homemaker of your household and long to add magic to your daily life. Domestication isn’t a dirty word in your book – it’s liberating!

Even if you’re not a self defined Kitchen Witch it can be kind of a cool experience to include some magic in an every day/every other day/once a week type of thing. Here are some herbs and spices directed into categories for incorporating what you seek into what you eat.

If you’re seeking a little courage in your life you might try Pepper, Basil, Chives, Horseradish or Pepper.

Success can be hard to grasp sometimes but if you’re looking for a little boost in that field try Bay, Lovage, Rosemary, Saffron or Marjoram.

Protection can come from different forms but if you want a little added protection to ingest try incorporating Angelica, Bay, Basil, Cinnamon, Garlic, Mint, Peppermint, Pepper or Marjoram.

Eating these won’t send you on a magical vacation to Bali or anywhere special like that (we feel just a disappointed) but if you’re looking to attract some travel in your life try Caraway, Dill, Fennel, Mustard or Pasley.

Eating these won’t make you Albert Einstein over night but they might open up some brainwaves. If you’re looking to peak your Wisdom try Bay, Chamomile, Dill, Parsley, Sage, Marjoram, Bosil, Chervil, Thyme or Cumin.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all sit down and eat a meal together and have instant peace? We can dream right? If you’re looking for more peace in your life try incorporating more of these in your meals; Marjoram, Mint, Clary Sage or Lemon Balm.

Love potions have been around for as long as anyone could probably recall. Mixing up your own? Looking for a little self love? Sorrel, Vanilla, Cinnamon or Coriander are good for that.

We could all stand to eat healthier when it comes down to it. These will help you incorporate a little well deserved health in your life. Allspice, Angelica, Cinnamon, Coriander, Poppy Seed and Chamomile.

Luck is drawn to those with an open mind. Eating these with attract a little more luck into your life. Allspice, Comfrey, Nutmeg and Heather.
(please don’t eat your friends named heather)

We can’t promise you’ll be rolling in money after eating these but they will definitely get the ball rolling. Basil, Dill, Cinnamon, Ginger and Spearmint.

Happiness is no magic pill but these might help. Cinnamon, Mint and Feverfew.

Looking for a little more insight on something specific or life in general? Try Orange, Lemongrass or Marjoram.


Fertility can be tricky and emotional at times. If you’re looking for a little boost in the baby making field try Cinnamon, Mint and Coriander.

A lot of these spices and herbs don’t have to be just eaten. If you find kitchen witchery is not completely your thing, most of these are also used in various spells and potions. Rituals, jar spells, even just baths. Just be careful incorporating spicy things in bath water. It may not feel very soothing.

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