Hello my fellow wandering souls.

I would like to initially congratulate and thank you for finding your way to our Full Moon Goons blog. My name is Reily, owner and founder of the brand Full Moon Goons and the blog.

We pride our uniqueness. We pride our individuality. We pride our presence.
So naturally, we pride yours also.

This blog started out as an outlet to stay in touch with our weird side. In going forward the Full Moon Goons blog (previously thewitchymamajournal) will be a bank of information we deem valuable enough to hold onto. As we hope you find valuable, too.

We believe at our core that there is attainable magic in the world and tapping into it is easier than most would think. Whether that magic helps you improve yourself, express yourself, or be true to yourself it is yours to find out if you are willing. Whatever you believe in, wherever you come from, you are welcome.

We do not judge, discriminate or turn away. We believe in the empowerment of all belief systems. Empowerment in ourselves and each other and making the world a more “chill”
place, if you will.

What you’ll find here are a lot of topics and writings including but not limited to: Witchcraft, Magick, Conspiracy Theories, Spirituality, Gods and Goddesses. Maybe some Aliens sprinkled in here and there but that really just relates back to the conspiracy theories. Or does it? Either way, we live for it and we are fully here for it. Who knows, the possibilities and writing topics are endless. We love to spark conversation and get minds ticking.

We’ve always searched for something different in the world from what others considered “normal”. We hope you find fun here at the Full Moon Goon’s blog. Information to make you wonder and think and maybe even leave with a smile. But never back to normal. Cause we were never really there in the first place, right?

I hope you’re still hanging on and if you are, congratulations, we appreciate you taking time out of your day to come and BS a little bit. We would bake you cookies if we could because damn it you deserve freshly baked cookies. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.

We are in no way a professional writers and will never claim to be.

Thank you for your time in escaping into our world a little bit. Enjoy!


-The Full Moon Goon-