Palmistry or Palm reading originated in India and is very closely related to astrology. This type of art does require a good amount of practice before you can really start interpreting what the different lines mean. I myself am no expert and am still learning new things every day about palm reading. But I do know a thing or to about the basics of it. Practice makes perfect, right?

The best way to start is by deciding which hand to read first. Some say if a person is left handed, his or her active hand would be the left and their passive hand would be the right, and vice versa. The passive hand should be read as inherited traits and the active hand should be read for all of the changes that have occurred to the inherited traits.

Structures of the hands are very important to a persons palm reading and should be treated as such. These sizes and shapes determine the personality traits of the palm you are reading.

The size of the hands determine the impulsiveness of a person. The bigger someones hands are tells you they think first and act later. The smaller handed people are more active, impulsive and think less.
The shapes of the hands are broken down into the four elements of nature; Fire, Air, Water and Earth.
A person having an earth shaped hand would have a square-shaped palm, short fingers, clear and deep set lines and thick skin. 
A person who has air shaped hands would have a square shaped palm, long fingers, and thin but clear lines.
A person with water shaped hands will have an oval palm, long fingers, a lot of fine lines and soft skin.
A person who has fire shaped hands will have a long palm, short fingers, thick and well defined lines with hard but warm skin.
Earth hands symbolize practical, strong, but modest people.
Water hands symbolize sensitive, emotional, and creative people.
Fire hands symbolize confident, positive, and risk taking people.
Air hands symbolize sociable, restless, and logical people.

Flexibility of the thumbs plays a part in palmistry, also. A person with more flexible thumbs shows they are more accommodating, easy going and adaptable. While stiff thumbs mean a person is more obstinate and harder to adapt to change.

There are four major lines on the palms.
The Heart Line (also known as marriage line)
The Head Line
The Life Line
The Fate Line (only some have this)

The heart line can be read in either direction depending on the practices being followed. This is believed to indicate emotional stability, romantic perspectives, cardiac health and depression.
The head line represents a persons learning styles. It is believed to indicate intellect, nature, psychological and mental problems he or she may suffer from.
The life line reflects physical health, general well being and major life changes. (How long a person lives can not be interpreted by studying any of the lines on a persons palm. It is a popular misconception that the length of the life line determines that, also. It does not.)
The fate line is also known as the line of destiny. This line is present on the palms of some people and absent on the rest. This line indicates the presence of situations in a persons life that have brought drastic changes. Also indicating to a degree in which a persons life is affected by external circumstances.

The mounts on the palm are found at the base of the fingers. Their texture, firmness and color should be checked for correct interpretation.
The mount of Venus indicates passion, sympathy and love.
The mount of Jupiter indicate love towards nature, leadership and ambition.
The mount of Apollo indicates creativity, happiness and success.
The mount of Saturn balance, soberness and wisdom.
How developed these different mounts are determines the aspects of them in a certain persons personality and the lifestyle they lead.

There are many ways to learn palm reading, no one way is a concrete way to practice this art. What I have done and have been doing is researching from different sites and different books. Taking how each person and culture reads palms and create my own understanding of it. As long as you have the basics down, you can start practicing palm reading of your own.

I hope you enjoyed this and it enlightened you to the art of Palmistry.
Thank you for taking the time to read!
Any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.